We have been an active poultry producer in Russia since 1996. CJSC Poultry Production Severnaya produces poultry, at a number of locations around Sint-Petersburg, that is usually sold fresh on the Russian market. In order to ensure a constantly high quality supply, CJSC Poultry Production Severnaya manages its own supply chain; from mother birds to sales of meat. The hatching eggs from the mother bird company are hatched in our own hatchery. The chickens are then raised in pens and ultimately butchered. The butchery process meets western standards and enables us to provide high quality meat with a long shelf-life to the Russian market.   In order to provide the chickens with nutrition, CJSC Poultry Production Severnaya has its own food factory in which all of the best quality raw materials are processed into a reliable and safe food for our chickens.   This same reliability and safety is just as important in all of the links in our chain in order to ensure the end product is of the very highest quality. This quality assurance has been anchored in our organisation since our ISO 9001 22000 certification in 2008.   Our production facilities use the most modern technology but another important criterion when considering investments is the sustainability of the technology. A recent example of this is the installation of a water purification facility which allows us to purify processing and waste water from our immediate vicinity.   The respect we show for our environment is also borne out in the attention we pay to animal welfare. This is guaranteed via our quality assurance system and the continual attention that is paid by management to the welfare of our animals.   CJSC Poultry Production Severnaya has been growing steadily for many years. To assist with this growth, CJSC Poultry Production Severnaya is supported with purchasing services and project management by Brinky Bouw en Ontwikkeling bv. This growth also means there is a constant need for highly motivated and well trained individuals.
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